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because some brides just have bad taste

St. Pukey, revisited. 16 October 2006

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In honor of the gleeful resurrection of UWDotD, why don’t we pay a visit to our old whipping-designer, St. Pucchi?

St Pucchi 001

Ahhh…it feels like home again, doesn’t it? We ask for ugly wedding dresses, and St. Pucchi answers. Loudly. And with lots of excess fabric.

Seriously, WTF is up with this dress? First of all, there’s enough extra fabric to cover an entire football stadium. Although maybe that’s a sign of keen foresight and design–in case your outdoor wedding is rained out, you can just use your train as a tarp under which the guests can sit.

Secondly, there are so many bunches and gathers in aforementioned excess fabric that it brings to mind the image of a manic, obsessive-compulsive seamstress deprived of her medication let loose in a room filled with silk, pins, thread, and needles. Must…create…100 gathers…in…ONE HOUR!!!

There’s also some sort of embroidery in the train that looks like the seed-filled center of a sunflower. Were the dress black, I would worry that the bride would be attacked by bluejays and crows upon leaving the safety of her dressing room.

I honestly can’t explain the veil wrapped around this model’s face like a beekeeper’s mask, except to hypothesize that the veil was soaked in chloroform to keep the model from ripping off this satin monstrosity and escaping before the picture could be taken.


25 Responses to “St. Pukey, revisited.”

  1. Alia Says:

    I like the dress. Everything in my ceremony is understated so that my dress can be ornate.

  2. beadtific Says:

    I think the sunflower thingy is a cushion that the bride can use to drag her yappy little dog with her down the aisle. Tasteful

  3. pwd Says:

    That dress is an ornate work of art. You dont get that dress because you dont comprehend the dramatic romanticity of the trail. Its truly is beautiful…

    Leave the dress alone!!!

  4. ohemgee Says:

    Holy crap that dress is a disaster. ANYBODY who thinks that this dress is anything that even remotely resembles beautiful needs to seriously lay off the LSD, or perhaps reconsider whether or not they actually have any sense of aesthetics.

    I think the pincushion-thingy on the back is just that; whoever was sewing the ass end of this monstrosity accidentally sewed their pretty white gigantic pincushion into it. Then they decided to leave it there. FOR THE BENEFIT (read: detriment) OF HUMANITY!!1!

  5. Shannon Says:

    I really love St. Pucchi designs, but this one fails to meet the mark. It is similar to Melania Trump’s wedding dress (which I adore), but the bodice has no definition and the because the skirt is not a dropped waist like Melania’s and because there is so much wrapped fabric around the bodice and skirt, it looses a lot of definition and makes the bride look like she is covered in fabric much like a barbie cake covered in frosting.

    I’ve actually seen this on a bride at her wedding and my opinion was the same. Too much fabric, too little definition.

    I love the idea of the folds and details (again Melania’s dress is very similar in idea and I love her dress to pieces) but the composition is lacking. If Pucchi had made the bodice a little neater or if the top of the skirt wasn’t immediately puffed all around this dress might have been a winner.

  6. Shannon Says:

    Excuse the typos, the above first paragraph 2nd sentence should read:

    It is similar to Melania Trump’s wedding dress (which I adore), but the bodice has no definition. Because the skirt is not a dropped waist like Melania’s and because there is so much wrapped fabric around the bodice and skirt, the dress looses a lot of definition and makes the bride look like she is covered in fabric much like a barbie cake covered in frosting.

  7. Cindy Says:

    I have an appreciation for art in all of its forms, but I’m with you. This dress is an absolute nightmare. I don’t even know where to begin when describing its awfulness.

  8. diana Says:

    its melianias trump wedding dress its the same gown and u ppl if u cant understand what haute couture means then stop hating on this dress, its a piece of art made with swarvosky chrystals and it tells a story of a princess in austria, the dress is from the Dior collection 2004 and the dress worth 300,000$.
    dont hate or o buy cheap looking gown strapless and boring !

  9. Denver Says:

    oh wow, comparing St. Pucci to Dior? Wow, how anyone can say this gown is Melania Trumps gown is way beyond me. Seriously, put on your reading glasses granny. This gown is disastrous, though not to the brides who like the idea of wearing a costume to their wedding. The “pin tucking” looks like the skin of a 60 year old smoker and the pinwheels with “swarvosky” crystals are enough to make anyone vomit in their mouth.

  10. victoria Says:

    Some people may find this ugly, others a work of art. First of, you only see the back, you dont see the front, or any other angle. And sure, this may not be the BEST piece of St. Pucchis work, but there is no reason to completly take a shit on it. i think its an interesting dress, and if you dont like it, there is no reason trying to prove your point. Everyone sees art in a different perspective, so GET OVER IT!

  11. Meranda Says:

    You have got to be joking………right? This is a 10,000 dress. This is by far one of the most stunning gowns I have seen! You know, what it is…. is you like more simple gowns. Some people just do not like 18th century gowns. In my opinion, the gathering of the gown, is very high end. I have to say, only people who are well off can afford her gowns, because they are so well made in design and taste.

    Some people just don’t like her richly ornate details and prefer something less ornate. Possibly that is why you don’t enjoy looking at it.

  12. Meranda Says:

    I don’t know the price, but if anyone does… please post it here. I do know that most St Pucchi gowns are in that price range.

    BTW, She is my favorite designer, I just adore all of her designs. She is by far the best in the industry

  13. Meranda Says:

    It is on ebay for 10,000, and regular price for 22K.

  14. cindy Says:

    I do know about haute couture and I still think it’s ugly. And, by the way, the Trumps aren’t necessarily known for their good taste. Have you ever seen photos of their penthouse? All of their crap is covered in gold. Disaster.

    St. Pucci isn’t even close to Dior. That comment shows how little you actually know about couture.

  15. Kristi Albertine Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOh My gosh!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love that dress. I never saw such a big puffy dress like that…..Thats the type of look i want for my gown…..Big and really puffy….

  16. allison Says:

    looks like a copy of carolina herraraas dress that she made for trumps wife.

  17. Sharon Says:

    I agree with you. It is “too”… too poofy, too much fabric, too many ruffles, too many decorations, too many pick ups…
    I went to St. Pucchi’s website to check out their other “offerings”. WHAT ON EARTH???? Someone has got to explain those dresses with the ruffles that look like Pringles potato chips. WOAH!

  18. UKBride Says:

    How would she walk and dance in it? The dress should enhance the bride, not swamp her.

    All this says is ‘I (or my daddy) have a lot of money for shiny fabric…and I want to make all my spinster girlfriends KNOW about it’.

  19. BecK Says:

    I love this dress, can’t take my eyes off of it. I wish I was getting married this would be the gown. I would make some minor adjustments. It takes a special lady with class and style to pull this off. This dress is not for everyone, which makes me love it even more .. Stop hating on this dress! Maybe Davids Bridal is more your taste.

  20. Daisy Says:

    This dress makes me laugh and retch at the same time…

  21. Amy Says:

    High Couture, is not meant to be mundane..its meant to stimulate the imagination and intrigue the people…I agree a women having a wedding in a small chapel, would not want this dress…but it did do WHAT it was meant to do and that is to stimulate the response!! I adore ST Pucchi …they bring me to the romantic era of the Renaissance when women had curves, breast (natural)…and they where proud to be beautiful, delicious, confections of the feminine!!! I would wear ANY dress made for my curves by this designer on my wedding day. Amelia McGee

  22. Kristen Says:

    I LOVE St Pucchi. Im wearing a St Pucchi on my wedding day…not this dress, but I LOVVVVE how they are dramatic, and extremely ornate, like they should be.

  23. kaitlyn Says:

    i love this dress! its actually not that bad. i mean i wouldnt want to wear it down the isle or anything, but ya know. i would LOVE to take pictures in it!

  24. sigh Says:

    Haha, people only “adore” Pucchi because of the price tag, oooh it’s designer!
    If you saw that same dress from a rack it would be “omg hideous”.

  25. Tiffany Says:

    If the giant Stay Puff Marshmallow man (from the movie Ghostbusters) took a number two….it would look like this dress. Ladies, couture can be ugly too, don’t be fooled by pretentious designers.

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