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America’s Next Top Model with Appendicitis. 19 October 2006

Filed under: Model Misbehavior — Whitney Gallien @ 8:53 am

Pronovias 001I want you to take a long, hard look at this model for Pronovias. Go on, ogle. Take it all in.

Do you see what I see? Do you see the pain so clearly etched on her (high-cheekboned) face? Do you see the hunch of her (size zero) body? The positioning of her (emaciated) arms? Do you realize what is going on here?

Obviously this model is suffering some extreme abdominal discomfort. Perhaps her appendix just ruptured. Maybe she’s suffering from a hernia. She could be terribly constipated. Whatever her ailment is, she is obviously in no condition to be modeling.

Her agent should be ashamed of herself.


14 Responses to “America’s Next Top Model with Appendicitis.”

  1. kate Says:

    it’s called couture

  2. Dean Says:

    It is most definalty called couture…
    … That model is FIERCE!!
    and so is that gown.

  3. ohemgee Says:

    @kate & @Dean:

    By couture, do you mean “torture”?

    I’ll agree that the dress isn’t completely horrible, but that model seriously looks like she’s about to keel over. I mean, if that’s just her body type, then whatever…. but still. She could maybe use a sandwich.

    I still maintain that couture is just an excuse for the sillier designers to display their mental vomit and have people congratulate them for it.

    Remember that ‘haute couture’ just means that a garment is made specifically for one person, fitted to them precisely, and made with the best fabrics available and insane attention to detail. That doesn’t automatically make it GOOD.

  4. Anon Says:

    She looks sooo beauuutiful……………SIGH

  5. Chleo Says:

    The dress is gorgeous but someone please feed the model a big mac or something. The beaty of the dress is wearing her, she does nothing for it

  6. ... Says:

    Just because a size zero is wearing the dress, doesn’t mean a size 10 and rock it just as good, or even better. The dress is beautiful! I love pronovias!

  7. Meranda Says:

    WOW! ANother outstanding gown. I am sure you piss off a lot of people here in the bridal industry. LOL, because you end up picking some of the best gowns

  8. Ken Says:

    The responses clearly show that standards of beauty vary a lot. I like skinny girls like this (I’m skinny myself), but I know lots of guys who like a more full-figured gal.

    The critique here seems to be of the model, not the dress. Not being a designer, I’d like to know more about why the apparel is ugly. I can make my own call on the model.

  9. UKBride Says:

    She looks very slim, but not dangerously so. Seriously.

    There seems to be a habit of finding a slim woman in posh clothes and assuming it is anorexia. That’s the same as seeing a woman at the upper end of her BMI and shreiking that she’ll get diabetes.

    But then again making mean comments about fashionable-shaped (ie slim) people is ‘PC’ ….not at all the same as assuming larger women are all unhealthy. Hypocracy, anyone?

  10. Daisy Says:

    She’s got the look…just needs a meal or two once in a while.

  11. Haley Says:

    This dress is georgus!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! JUST WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

  12. Lia Says:

    I feel sorry for you, and your sad life. Maybe it won’t look good on you, but certainly its the most beautiful wedding dress I’ve ever seen.

  13. Valerie Says:

    Dear #3, #5, and #10, where is the “LIKE” button(:

  14. Lori Says:

    The dress is beautiful, but I certainly agree that the models for most wedding dress designers are skin and bones! Some my be naturally tall and thin or VERY young and haven’t grown into their body yet…but MOST are unhealthy. That’s why they look good modeling clothing…everything hangs on them like a hanger…a human hanger. I am a very fit woman and NEVER want to look like that in person! But, I will take that dress please!

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