Ugly Wedding Dress of the Day

because some brides just have bad taste

St. Pukey, revisited. 16 October 2006

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In honor of the gleeful resurrection of UWDotD, why don’t we pay a visit to our old whipping-designer, St. Pucchi?

St Pucchi 001

Ahhh…it feels like home again, doesn’t it? We ask for ugly wedding dresses, and St. Pucchi answers. Loudly. And with lots of excess fabric.

Seriously, WTF is up with this dress? First of all, there’s enough extra fabric to cover an entire football stadium. Although maybe that’s a sign of keen foresight and design–in case your outdoor wedding is rained out, you can just use your train as a tarp under which the guests can sit.

Secondly, there are so many bunches and gathers in aforementioned excess fabric that it brings to mind the image of a manic, obsessive-compulsive seamstress deprived of her medication let loose in a room filled with silk, pins, thread, and needles. Must…create…100 gathers…in…ONE HOUR!!!

There’s also some sort of embroidery in the train that looks like the seed-filled center of a sunflower. Were the dress black, I would worry that the bride would be attacked by bluejays and crows upon leaving the safety of her dressing room.

I honestly can’t explain the veil wrapped around this model’s face like a beekeeper’s mask, except to hypothesize that the veil was soaked in chloroform to keep the model from ripping off this satin monstrosity and escaping before the picture could be taken.