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because some brides just have bad taste

Conversation with the bride. 24 October 2006

Filed under: Model Misbehavior,WTF — Whitney Gallien @ 2:17 pm

Eden Bridals 001 Oh, Lydia, darling, just look at you! I’m sure that will be a lovely gown once the tailor is finished making alterations to it…  

What do you mean, the alterations are already complete? This is the finished product?? But it’s got all of these weird bunches, and the front is about two feet too long, and…

Well, now, Lydia, I’m sorry. You don’t have to look so haughty. It was just a misunderstanding, is all.

[ dress from Eden Bridals ]


America’s Next Top Model with Appendicitis. 19 October 2006

Filed under: Model Misbehavior — Whitney Gallien @ 8:53 am

Pronovias 001I want you to take a long, hard look at this model for Pronovias. Go on, ogle. Take it all in.

Do you see what I see? Do you see the pain so clearly etched on her (high-cheekboned) face? Do you see the hunch of her (size zero) body? The positioning of her (emaciated) arms? Do you realize what is going on here?

Obviously this model is suffering some extreme abdominal discomfort. Perhaps her appendix just ruptured. Maybe she’s suffering from a hernia. She could be terribly constipated. Whatever her ailment is, she is obviously in no condition to be modeling.

Her agent should be ashamed of herself.