Ugly Wedding Dress of the Day

because some brides just have bad taste

FAQ 23 August 2006

Didn’t this site die, like, two years ago?
Ha! In St. Pucchi’s dreams!

Actually, yes … yes, Ugly Wedding Dress did sort of fade out of existence after many problems with hosting companies and computer crashes. But now, much like Jason and Freddy and Matthew Perry’s career, UWDotD has been resurrected to wreak havoc on the world.

Why are you filled with so much hate?
Because in the interior of my chest, instead of a heart, I actually have a piece of blackened coal.

What’s the point of this site?
To have some laughs and make some fun at the expense of wedding-dress designers who insist on issuing forth their fugly, tulle-y spawn into the world.

But some of these designs/colors/etc. are traditional in other cultures!
Which is wonderful. I try to be very respectful of other cultures, and I will admit ignorance and accept correction when I stray. However, you will find that, in many cases, these “cultural” designs are modeled by blonde-haired, blue-eyed white women…and this bastardization of cultural traditions just brings out the snark in me.

So what kind of wedding dresses DO you like?
I like plenty of wedding dress styles–even some that I make fun of on this site.

You made fun of my wedding dress, you bitch!!! I DEMAND you take it down! And apologize! TO MY FACE!1!!
Oh, get over yourself. Like I said, just because I make fun of a dress doesn’t mean that I don’t personally like it. And why do you need my validation, anyway? YOU obviously liked your dress–isn’t that all that matters?

No, I won’t take down a post, even if it’s mocking your wedding dress. And don’t expect me to apologize, either. This is a HUMOR site. Don’t take everything so seriously. Jeez!

I am the designer of one of the dresses featured on this site and if you don’t take your post down immediately I will sue!
Nope, sorry, not going to happen. I have every right to review and critique your dress designs, seeing as they’re in the public domain.

If, however, you are a photographer who objects to my using your picture, please KINDLY let me know, and I will remove the photo.